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The NextLevelTalents Residential Programs give selected young talents from all over the world the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the highly professional German football youth system for 5-months (half season) or 10-months (entire season).


Our Residential Programs are designed for athletes 17 years and older looking for solid opportunities to see if they have what it takes to “Go Pro.”




Our coaching team works with athletes daily in the tactical, physical, and mental aspects of what it takes to be a professional football player. As a result, athletes are trained and driven to reach an optimal development phase towards placement at a professional club where their true potential can be tested on trials and, if successful, put into practice as a Pro Player.


Our scouting department works with football clubs throughout Germany to identify placement for our athletes in line with their developmental needs.  NextLevelTalents has standing relationships with clubs from the professional levels (Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, and 3rd Liga) to the Non-Professional Leagues (Regionalliga, 5th, 6th, etc.). In addition, our scouting department works closely with our coaches to analyze and determine which level best fits an athlete’s pathway to becoming a professional.

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At Next Level Talents, we have partnered with the Live and Learn  School in Krefeld. Our athletes attend two German classes weekly to help them learn to understand and speak the language in everyday situations. 


  • Complete exposure to a new environment, culture, and way of doing things both on and off the pitch.

  • Room and Board are provided for every athlete in a stable, family-friendly environment. 

  • Proven door opener to European football

  • Increased opportunities for exposure.

  • Regularly Scheduled training sessions

  • Development in a professional environment with highly qualified coaches.

  • Extended schooling or courses in German as a second language, Sport Psychology Sessions, Injury Prevention, Coaches courses, Nutritional cooking courses, etc.

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